Registration is still open!

Now including a Hawaiian style community meal


Registration Guidelines

  • This event will be role-balanced. We will be mindful of the leader/follower ratio during registration. For more information, read under "Waiting List".

  • We expect that you will be dancing most of the time according to the role you selected at registration.

  • We take your interest in joining our event very seriously and our aim is to create an enjoyable dancing atmosphere. 



The follower role is presently over-booked
Followers can still sign up to our Waiting list - Details below

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As of today, we have reached capacity for followers. Followers, you can still select your role below and this will add you to the waiting list. We will keep you updated as new spots open up.

You will be fully registered after you purchase your pass



Waiting List

We will do our best to role-balance this event to optimize dancing for everyone, all weekend long. As registration continues through the next several months, registration may be periodically paused for a specific role. If this happens, here is what to expect:

  • You will see a note on this registration page indicating a certain role is presently over-booked.

  • If it is your role, that is overbooked, fill out the registration form and you will be placed on a waiting list.

  • The waiting list will follow the order of registration.

  • We will write you to complete your registration as soon as a space becomes available.

  • When everyone on the waiting list is officially registered, and the role ratio is more balanced, there will be no note on the page and you will be able to register and pay immediately.


You can help too !

While we are working hard to attract participants in the opposite role, here are some pro-active solutions to get off of the waiting list:

  • Contact a friend you think might be going to Maui Embrace and ask them to write your name as their partner when they register.

  • Ask your tango friends if they know of anyone who may be interested in coming to Maui and who dances the opposite role. Encourage them to tell their friends about it.

Tango is a social event and word-of-mouth can be very effective. Spreading the word about the event and mentioning your interest in joining always encourages others to do the same.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Cancellations made by December 31st, 2017 will be issued a full refund, less the processing fee of $75.

  • Cancellations after December 31st, 2017 no refund will be issued.

  • All refunds will be processed 2 – 4 weeks after the event. We thank you for your patience.

Privacy Policy

Maui Embrace collects your information for the sole purposes of communicating with you directly by mail, phone, or e-mail concerning the event or future trainings. Maui Embrace does not sell or distribute its client information to any other parties.